[Swift CI] Build Failure: OSS - Swift Package - Ubuntu 16.10 (swift 4.2) #87


[FAILURE] oss-swift-4.2-package-linux-ubuntu-16_10 [#87]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Thu, 17 May 2018 07:25:22 -0500
Build duration:
44 min

Identified problems:

  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:
  • Regression test failed: This build failed because a regression test in the test suite FAILed. Below is a list of all errors:


  • Commit 9c71a3e7f506ca33f6f948718e3882b17e740810 by pyaskevich:
    [CSApply] Make sure that indexing into an r-value tuple produces r-value

    • add: test/Constraints/rdar39931475.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/CSApply.cpp
  • Commit a7a39ef73a490b6a660ef21d7b20db270b76939c by huon:
    [Changelog] Add a note about conformance synthesis in same-file

    • edit: CHANGELOG.md
  • Commit 2be11a510bcbcdab6f64a14355c0b989fa91bb1c by huon:
    [Changelog] Tweak synthesis-in-extension note to include "able to be".

    • edit: CHANGELOG.md
  • Commit 0a3364fed005605288888078829577bae32e4413 by tstellar:
    Merging r325446:

    • edit: include/clang/Driver/Options.td
    • edit: lib/Basic/Targets/X86.cpp
    • edit: lib/Basic/Targets/X86.h
    • edit: test/CodeGen/attr-target-x86.c
  • Commit f0ac6bbc7e2082f14cbec7fd1241c130f938201a by tstellar:
    Merging r327354:

    • edit: test/Index/reparsed-live-issue.cpp