[Swift CI] Build Failure: OSS - Swift Package - Ubuntu 16.04 (main) #5714

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-16_04 [#5714]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-16_04/5714/
Project: oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-16_04
Date of build: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 05:36:48 -0600
Build duration: 1 hr 3 min

Identified problems:- Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:

Changes- Commit 95309e1dce891bb08a3dcaf44b8e8d367a95d377 by scanon:

Fixup Float16 availability for macCatalyst/x86_64

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/IntegerTypes.swift.gyb

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/FloatingPoint.swift

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/FloatingPointTypes.swift.gyb

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/SIMDVectorTypes.swift.gyb

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/Runtime.swift

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/FloatingPointParsing.swift.gyb

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/Codable.swift

  • edit: stdlib/public/core/CTypes.swift

  • edit: test/stdlib/PrintFloat.swift.gyb

  • Commit e7b5843b336cdb18a1a661346736f34687bad9e2 by eeckstein:

    runtime: add a StackAllocator utility

    • add: unittests/runtime/StackAllocator.cpp
    • edit: unittests/runtime/CMakeLists.txt
    • add: stdlib/public/runtime/StackAllocator.h
  • Commit ec1490d06ee0d0e32ee0abd0ffb4b5d577738ab6 by eeckstein:

    [concurrency] Implement the Task allocator as bump-pointer allocator.

    • edit: stdlib/public/runtime/StackAllocator.h
    • edit: stdlib/public/Concurrency/Task.cpp
    • edit: stdlib/public/Concurrency/TaskAlloc.cpp
  • Commit ea0c13561263544609cd6706fada22abbf5854b1 by mgottesman:

    [ownership] Do not insert an end_borrow when calling emitEndBorrowOperation on a value with OwnershipKind::None.

    • edit: include/swift/SIL/SILBuilder.h
  • Commit 743fdb12e517e60a81c3702bc11c248658db9f32 by mgottesman:

    [sil] Teach the verifier that an upcast of an address isn't a consuming use.

    • edit: lib/SIL/Verifier/SILVerifier.cpp
  • Commit 041ecba21c4921ccbd6fabc4146f418a150fc6a0 by mgottesman:

    Canonicalize single value forwarding insts that only have debug_value and destroy_value uses.

    • edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Utils/CanonicalizeInstruction.cpp
    • add: test/SILOptimizer/mandatory_combine_canon.sil
  • Commit d815e2724a4080eaa30a16db9c7ff8bccd05612b by rwidmann:

    [NFC] Add Compilation::Result

    • edit: lib/Driver/Compilation.cpp
    • edit: tools/driver/driver.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/Driver/Compilation.h
  • Commit 3ecb0b0b06d5210cca0b70c0a212c9e763215fae by rwidmann:

    [NFC] Move "HadAbnormalExit" Flag Into Compilation::Result

    • edit: lib/Driver/Compilation.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/Driver/Compilation.h
  • Commit d4022929c1238364f98d8d1c819fcf6be11a039a by rwidmann:

    [NFC] Mark Result as move-only

    • edit: include/swift/Driver/FineGrainedDependencyDriverGraph.h
    • edit: include/swift/Driver/Compilation.h
  • Commit d4e76d0a4776b04316a8dd9a82078c6eb31efbd0 by rwidmann:

    [NFC] Use Result::code to Simplify Some Callsites

    • edit: include/swift/Driver/Compilation.h
    • edit: lib/Driver/Compilation.cpp
  • Commit 905c3d8830ded331981e054161531e73210f385f by rwidmann:

    [Gardening] Document Compilation::Result

    • edit: include/swift/Driver/Compilation.h
  • Commit 852f4d8eb6d317be0947055c0bb6b4fd6c9aa930 by tstellar:

    [Sparc] Remove cast that truncates immediate operands to 32 bits.

    • edit: llvm/lib/Target/Sparc/SparcAsmPrinter.cpp
    • edit: llvm/test/CodeGen/SPARC/inlineasm-v9.ll