[Swift CI] Build Failure: OSS - Swift Package - macOS (main) #5475

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-package-macos [#5475]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-package-macos/5475/
Project: oss-swift-package-macos
Date of build: Thu, 07 Jan 2021 03:06:41 -0600
Build duration: 7 hr 26 min

Identified problems:- Delete directory failed: A script tried to delete a directory with rm and it failed

  • Indication 1
  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:
  • Swift Compile Error: Swift compiler error

Changes- Commit bd81fb8e137f28b338b6d0c9d561b3fbb053f179 by repo:

Revert "Revert "[build-script] Move --native-{clang,llvm,swift}-tools-path flags into the Python build-script""

  • edit: stdlib/CMakeLists.txt

  • edit: unittests/runtime/CMakeLists.txt

  • edit: utils/build-script

  • edit: utils/build_swift/build_swift/driver_arguments.py

  • edit: utils/build_swift/tests/expected_options.py

  • edit: utils/swift_build_support/swift_build_support/products/product.py

  • Commit c74884ce307a59df7e62620ba6cd0f499565d7ce by repo:

    [build] Make it possible to actually build the stdlib with a prebuilt clang

    • edit: stdlib/public/SwiftShims/CMakeLists.txt
    • edit: stdlib/cmake/modules/AddSwiftStdlib.cmake
    • edit: utils/build-presets.ini
    • edit: utils/build-script-impl
    • edit: CMakeLists.txt
  • Commit 934823a99c39f155f113abea8f9b5080164457b7 by repo:


    • edit: cmake/modules/SwiftSharedCMakeConfig.cmake
    • edit: CMakeLists.txt
  • Commit d24d264469d8b2f7a44c847203a16e6c4e439384 by meghanavgupta:

    Enable ArrayCountPropagation on OSSA

    • add: test/SILOptimizer/array_count_propagation_ossa.sil
    • edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Transforms/ArrayCountPropagation.cpp
  • Commit d2bbdb8743de3074e7e9995c1c420d70f0d972e3 by github:

    Fix a misspelling

    • edit: lib/Parse/ParseIfConfig.cpp
  • Commit 715d81cf269ba77b9e580924621c1df97487f0e6 by compnerd:

    Platform: add a cplusplus requirement to XAudio

    • edit: stdlib/public/Platform/winsdk.modulemap
  • Commit 7257f2918d36e46e9f7da0efe522467b4252a106 by spestov:

    Basic: Introduce an x-macro for enumerating TypeIDZones

    • add: include/swift/Basic/TypeIDZones.def
    • edit: include/swift/Basic/TypeID.h
    • edit: include/swift/Basic/DefineTypeIDZone.h
  • Commit 0314f7314a4306b4b54b16a6257c2c94ed27580e by spestov:

    AST: Use a SmallDenseSet for active request references

    • edit: include/swift/AST/EvaluatorDependencies.h
  • Commit e4437d21875f9225d3c2d4cb010bc29708619f7f by spestov:

    AST: Don't print cached request values when dumping dependencies

    • edit: unittests/AST/ArithmeticEvaluator.cpp
    • edit: lib/AST/Evaluator.cpp
  • Commit 4dd781d8b4c82be31fc47d7cd76cdb9fc1506044 by spestov:

    AST: Per-request caches

    • add: include/swift/AST/RequestCache.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Evaluator.h
  • Commit f6cd8f269625c4486575a6bba9b2621482645eb5 by spestov:

    AST: Convert some methods on DependencyRecorder to templates

    • edit: include/swift/AST/Evaluator.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/EvaluatorDependencies.h
    • edit: lib/AST/Evaluator.cpp
  • Commit 0bfa8689784a366fd7a286437010f0293c9be4cd by spestov:

    AST: Per-request dependency maps

    • edit: include/swift/AST/RequestCache.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Evaluator.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/EvaluatorDependencies.h
  • Commit 30ae4ade1dd1ef5af17f5281e21c4b08646acf73 by meghanavgupta:

    Fix CSE::processOpenExistentialRef

    • edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Transforms/CSE.cpp
    • edit: test/SILOptimizer/cse.sil
  • Commit 7d686cde77fe9c5bca131280acfabb66d03193ac by tkientzle:

    Remove no-longer-needed external declaration of swift_dynamicCast_OLD

    • edit: stdlib/public/runtime/DynamicCast.cpp
  • Commit 0630981e2c2f05957681afbdebe3183a2c54cb35 by tkientzle:

    Clarify existential metatype discussion, add a caveat about function casting

    • edit: docs/DynamicCasting.md
  • Commit f7296ed9033e56b0f3b14e794f155e147502ca87 by eeckstein:

    SIL: fix bugs in the MemBehavior cache invalidation mechanism.

    • edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Analysis/MemoryBehavior.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/SILOptimizer/Analysis/AliasAnalysis.h
    • add: test/SILOptimizer/mem-behavior-cache-bug.sil
    • edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Analysis/AliasAnalysis.cpp
  • Commit 47df40df1ed19e3651df282397212cee2ac7f7f3 by mikeash:

    [Test] Don't run protocol_conformance_collision.swift against older runtimes.

    • edit: test/Runtime/protocol_conformance_collision.swift
  • Commit d045e487296cd9045970e686247cdfdbd9838b6e by compnerd:

    ClangImporter: unify language standard selection (NFCI)

    • edit: lib/ClangImporter/ClangImporter.cpp
  • Commit d4c17cd9816f8f27bfdcece9358d5379f3bf4365 by github:

    Revert "[build] Use Xcode toolchain Python executables"

    • edit: utils/build-script-impl
  • Commit cf62986b9c7c3cd1938da678dd0faff30aed38e3 by github:

    The PubgrubError type had become internal at some point since 5.3. This breaks clients that has special handling of PubgrubError. This makes it public again. (#3163)

    • edit: Sources/PackageGraph/Pubgrub/PubgrubDependencyResolver.swift
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