[Swift CI] Build Failure: 1. OSS - Swift ASAN - OS X (swift 5.1) #66


[FAILURE] oss-swift-5.1-incremental-ASAN-RA-osx [#66]

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Date of build:
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 15:59:51 -0500
Build duration:
3 hr 22 min

Identified problems:

  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:


  • Commit d2bd0f0f5134a79964d0305b17085d14f5078c92 by harlan:
    Merge pull request #23343 from harlanhaskins/mangled-lassi

    • edit: stdlib/public/runtime/MetadataLookup.cpp
    • edit: test/Interpreter/SDK/objc_getClass.swift
    • add: test/Inputs/resilient_objc_class.swift
    • edit: stdlib/private/StdlibUnittest/StdlibUnittest.swift
    • add: validation-test/StdlibUnittest/ChildProcessShutdown/RequireOwnProcess.swift
  • Commit e334b52c3c5343005d23448906d453e9b7856c53 by aschwaighofer:
    [5.1] Add support for dynamic replacement of didSet/willSet

    • add: test/Interpreter/Inputs/dynamic_replacement_property_observer_orig.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckAttr.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
    • add: test/Interpreter/Inputs/dynamic_replacement_property_observer_repl.swift
    • add: test/Interpreter/dynamicReplacement_property_observer.swift
    • edit: lib/AST/Decl.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Decl.h
    • edit: test/SILGen/dynamically_replaceable.swift
    • edit: lib/SILGen/SILGenType.cpp
  • Commit b5ffcec6f7255521855f043ae82954c0af91e527 by jfbastien:
    CodeGen: Preserve packed attribute in constStructWithPadding.

    • edit: test/CodeGenCXX/auto-var-init.cpp
    • edit: lib/CodeGen/CGDecl.cpp
ld: not enough disk space for writing 'lib/sourcekitd.framework/Versions/A/XPCServices/SourceKitService.xpc/Contents/MacOS/SourceKitService' for architecture x86_64

Seems like we need to clean the builder.

— Harlan

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Mishal Shah