[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 18.04 (swift 5.0) #255


[FAILURE] oss-swift-5.0-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-18_04 [#255]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Wed, 12 Dec 2018 18:25:51 -0600
Build duration:
40 min

Identified problems:

  • Swift Compile Error: Swift compiler error
  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:


  • Commit 2f32dd5c4a2da95dd8242b9afbb60ccef598b1df by spestov:
    Sema: Do a better job with creating generic parameter lists in extension

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.cpp
  • Commit 1de8be09c00ad669a66f0991f8f0348532fedfd8 by spestov:
    Sema: validateExtension() builds a generic signature even if the

    • edit: test/decl/ext/generic.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
  • Commit ebf698c637349b34862d41bec28629496a2ca9a0 by spestov:
    Sema: Don't call prepareGenericParamList() on extension generic

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
  • Commit 50baf8fca6285b455b65e6c19f9fdc6c612dce35 by spestov:
    AST: Factor out GenericParamList::configureGenericParamDepth()

    • edit: include/swift/AST/Decl.h
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckGeneric.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.cpp
    • edit: lib/AST/Decl.cpp
  • Commit 7155b255c3f3b97f72201ead190702b8916fda69 by spestov:
    Sema: Move a diagnostic from bindExtensionToNominal() to typeCheckDecl()

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
  • Commit c0910115c90a2c05e16743f5972e58df518d7a7b by spestov:
    Sema: Check generic parameter attributes in typeCheckDecl()

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckGeneric.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.h
  • Commit 8802157cb8737f246736d16c812f1a3b177ce999 by spestov:
    AST: Introduce ExtensionDecl::createGenericParamsIfMissing()

    • edit: include/swift/AST/Decl.h
    • edit: lib/AST/Decl.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.cpp
  • Commit ecba3a53c58f6d798287421d6f06a7e5c01ff0ac by spestov:
    Sema: Ensure that even invalid extensions still have a generic parameter

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
    • add: validation-test/compiler_crashers_2_fixed/0185-sr9017.swift
  • Commit 68e126cad26fa5f1fead5de9a05c85a8557ae60d by rjmccall:
    Revert "Future-proof the ARM64 ABI by not reserving the entire top

    • edit: stdlib/public/SwiftShims/System.h
    • edit: test/IRGen/bridge_object_arm64.sil
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