[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 18.04 - Long Test (main) #4775

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-18_04-long-test [#4775]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-18_04-long-test/4775/
Project: oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-18_04-long-test
Date of build: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 11:29:46 -0600
Build duration: 2 hr 30 min

Identified problems:- Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:

Changes- Commit 20dd3997de86070fe6ef58e43c0bfcda852f5b20 by aschwaighofer:

This test also fails in optimize size mode

  • edit: validation-test/stdlib/Dictionary.swift

  • Commit deb16ac3c4436d2ff72c82a38f3c762cb023d1af by aschwaighofer:

    Disable tests that fails on some bots test/IRGen/objc_super.swift

    • edit: test/IRGen/objc_super.swift
  • Commit 77cb9f37abdefa4631a9d55f22c2b499787990d1 by aprantl:

    Add a defensive nullptr check.

    • edit: lldb/source/Target/SwiftLanguageRuntimeDynamicTypeResolution.cpp
  • Commit 4a88ae1100a83aa0ab2735a76bc66c1a1cf089a0 by github:

    Don't require .git suffix in repo URL (#3089)

    • edit: Tests/PackageCollectionsTests/GitHubPackageMetadataProviderTests.swift
    • edit: Sources/PackageCollections/Providers/GitHubPackageMetadataProvider.swift
  • Commit bc65363ac223e512426c6fa9ebeb455269e6ec9a by dungar:

    Enable testBatchModeContinueAfterErrors

    • edit: Tests/SwiftDriverTests/SwiftDriverTests.swift
  • Commit a4cad5fc737114664d973cb7683133a22226fbd8 by dungar:

    Fix path overridden for testing computation.

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Driver/Driver.swift

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