[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 16.10 (master) #3769

The clean command is still ‘pending’ on the bots, this was an incremental build, lets wait and see - if this happens again then it is Roman’s fault :)

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On May 19, 2017, at 6:14 PM, no-reply@swift.org wrote:

[FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_10 [#3769]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_10/3769/
Project: oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_10
Date of build: Fri, 19 May 2017 18:00:36 -0700
Build duration: 13 min

Name: Swift(linux-x86_64)
Failed: 0 test(s), Passed: 9422 test(s), Total: 9422 test(s)
Name: Swift-Unit
Failed: 0 test(s), Passed: 432 test(s), Total: 432 test(s)


Commit 341b5c506db89b47995d3fca463bae95287acdf3 by Roman Levenstein:
[sil-inliner] Respect the @inline(__always) and @_transparent even if

edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Utils/PerformanceInlinerUtils.cpp
edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Transforms/PerformanceInliner.cpp

Commit 980a59070870d1dc71011b71f36a616ce5304bec by Roman Levenstein:
[sil-inliner] Transparent functions should be inlined by the performance

edit: lib/SILOptimizer/Transforms/PerformanceInliner.cpp

Commit d940a350e5053db17e644776aa6b11514c04d1b2 by Roman Levenstein:
[sil-inliner] Update tests for the inlining of generics

edit: test/SILOptimizer/performance_inliner.sil
edit: test/SILOptimizer/inline_generics.sil
edit: test/SILGen/collection_cast_crash.swift