[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 16.04 (master) #8189


[FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04 [#8189]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 10:40:30 -0500
Build duration:
31 min

Identified problems:

  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:


  • Commit 8e365b5bfbf9e1224a062b775c0cfca5c9d9361e by compnerd:
    build: remove unnecessary CoreFoundation path passing

    • edit: utils/build-script-impl
  • Commit 5d7f88e81ddc1296ba92be197edfaf53aee0d9b5 by ahatanaka:
    [ObjC][ARC] Convert the retainRV marker that is passed as a named

    • edit: lib/IR/AutoUpgrade.cpp
    • edit: test/Bitcode/upgrade-objcretainrelease.ll
    • edit: test/Transforms/ObjCARC/contract-marker-funclet.ll
    • edit: test/Transforms/ObjCARC/contract-testcases.ll
    • edit: lib/Transforms/ObjCARC/ObjCARCContract.cpp
    • edit: test/Transforms/ObjCARC/contract-marker.ll
  • Commit bc8093e49577b1b6189899c8b1baa27408635a54 by erik.pilkington:
    Fix a hang when lowering __builtin_dynamic_object_size

    • edit: test/Instrumentation/BoundsChecking/phi.ll
    • edit: lib/Analysis/MemoryBuiltins.cpp
    • edit: test/Transforms/InstCombine/builtin-dynamic-object-size.ll
    • edit: include/llvm/Analysis/MemoryBuiltins.h
  • Commit a64b04693a0887866b494c0eb1ea46ec9cd4a1b8 by compnerd:
    build: remove unnecessary CoreFoundation paths

    • edit: Tests/Functional/lit.cfg
    • edit: CMakeLists.txt

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