[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 16.04 (main) #14937

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04 [#14937]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04/14937/
Project: oss-swift-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04
Date of build: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 21:14:48 -0500
Build duration: 1 hr 6 min

Changes- Commit 51c1fa9e08fb61fc39bc5ecacb711bfb45d4a86a by spestov:

SILGen: Fix assertion failure when emitting foreign-to-native thunk for a method with inout 'self'

  • add: test/SILGen/Inputs/foreign_to_native_inout_self_helper.h

  • add: test/SILGen/foreign_to_native_inout_self.swift

  • edit: lib/SILGen/SILGenBridging.cpp

  • Commit f08df033d32434108a779a791dcfb69fc75ec4d3 by nate_chandler:

    [IRGen] Defined TypeInfo for async context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/IRGenModule.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.cpp
  • Commit a085fdbadcf4cc3d5f2d3f4418003abe2ce7d103 by nate_chandler:

    [IRGen] Defined TaskContinuationFunction.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/IRGenModule.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/IRGenModule.cpp
  • Commit 4fd5c9398c43824933fb843b5f35d750c1a65588 by nate_chandler:

    [IRGen] Defined TI for TaskContinuationFunction.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/IRGenModule.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.cpp
  • Commit 0adfc0b96c33488ffff65e192fa858ad43988ff0 by nate_chandler:

    [IRGen] Defined TypeInfo for SwiftExecutor.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/IRGenModule.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenType.cpp
  • Commit 5d67c4a74be527d6401290ced48f69fa13788722 by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Add parent to async context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit f29f43907f05b20a85d55065b1b6ed9e6bebbf48 by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Add ResumeParent to async context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.h
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit 1e0d6f39d787eecfe60abe6b04348622721f3619 by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Add ResumeParentExecutor to context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.h
  • Commit 904876e6bd3595535e2e7f26d4129d5e9cac823e by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Pass the function's task to task_[de]alloc.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit c9e567b53063d596d5bbb4f223ebc500b1b0a943 by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Save parent context into child context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit f73eff7e8e100e9f7d25f7243a5d90525b454eb9 by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Save parent executor into context.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit ddb739e301d7c00af808dfe19345d997d2e0e3ca by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Pass task along from caller to callee.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit 2ff6ea3693d4473adc92d146b6c8fd2200e6c27e by nate_chandler:

    [Async CC] Pass executor along to callee.

    • edit: lib/IRGen/GenCall.cpp
  • Commit 9384813b494f6011de6141d9c94f0de60bd5e235 by pyaskevich:

    [Diagnostics] Split "only concrete types conform to protocols" into a separate note

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckProtocol.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/AST/DiagnosticsSema.def
    • edit: lib/Sema/CSDiagnostics.cpp
  • Commit f24e5dbd2614ba96a8da26c5806c39c098d64bc9 by pyaskevich:

    [Diangostics] NFC: Adjust test-cases to expect that "type cannot conform" diagnostic has a note

    • edit: test/Constraints/generics.swift
    • edit: test/Constraints/rdar68155466.swift
    • edit: test/Parse/confusables.swift
    • edit: test/stmt/foreach.swift
    • edit: test/type/opaque.swift
    • edit: test/Constraints/diagnostics.swift
    • edit: test/Generics/conditional_conformances_literals.swift
    • edit: test/Generics/existential_restrictions.swift
    • edit: validation-test/compiler_crashers_fixed/00017-llvm-foldingset-llvm-attributesetnode-nodeequals.swift
    • edit: test/decl/protocol/conforms/error_self_conformance.swift
    • edit: validation-test/compiler_crashers_2_fixed/0196-rdar48937223.swift
    • edit: test/Constraints/result_builder_diags.swift
    • edit: test/type/subclass_composition.swift
  • Commit 82b91ed130c91f47146fc31bcaf64499a224d12a by alaferriere:

    The emit-module job should depend on the bridging header pch too

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/EmitModuleJob.swift
  • Commit 97cba6d4267f3fa9a81b9d83186b6a1b5656d0fa by alaferriere:

    Compilation jobs with a separate emit module job still need the dependencies

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/FrontendJobHelpers.swift
  • Commit e0c3e5c740e68202e0a7777d3f6af795d9150296 by alaferriere:

    Add -emit-module-separately which doesn't use the merge-module phase

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/EmitModuleJob.swift
    • edit: Sources/SwiftOptions/ExtraOptions.swift
    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/CompileJob.swift
    • edit: Tests/SwiftDriverTests/SwiftDriverTests.swift
    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Driver/Driver.swift
  • Commit ed5eaf8f6f6133fa7428104f02be474e2afec9b5 by alaferriere:

    Emit the separate swiftmodule files without non-inlinable function bodies

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/EmitModuleJob.swift
  • Commit 0cffb82186b1037c13bf89d6b29a9a9184cad0a3 by alaferriere:

    Don't run compilation jobs when creating only a module with emit-module

    • edit: Sources/SwiftDriver/Jobs/Planning.swift
    • edit: Tests/SwiftDriverTests/SwiftDriverTests.swift
  • Commit 6dd604f2486a4cb8608b899c39ed34a01468f67f by compnerd:

    Foundation: drop acceptConnectionInBackgroundAndNotify on Windows

    • edit: Sources/Foundation/FileHandle.swift
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