[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - OS X (main) #13070

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-osx [#13070]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-incremental-RA-osx/13070/
Project: oss-swift-incremental-RA-osx
Date of build: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 07:14:06 -0600
Build duration: 20 min

Identified problems:- Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:

Changes- Commit 5c1b7b1bc3e269cbd0a54f38b2b60a25a2ea57f6 by github:

Sync vendored TSC to latest (415d6f8814534cc665df6957c119d3fdea8768bc). (#3059)

  • edit: swift-tools-support-core/Sources/TSCBasic/FileSystem.swift

  • edit: swift-tools-support-core/Sources/TSCUtility/Netrc.swift

  • Commit 28b7d456e50108366174e293d1c3b8153c4ebe7d by atrick:

    Temporarily disable IRGen/objc_generic_class_stub.swift

    • edit: test/IRGen/objc_generic_class_stub.swift
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