[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - LLDB Incremental - Ubuntu 14.04 (master) #1459


[FAILURE] oss-lldb-incremental-linux-ubuntu-14_04 [#1459]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:26:44 -0600
Build duration:
3 hr 22 min

Identified problems:

  • Regression test failed: This build failed because a regression test in the test suite FAILed. Below is a list of all errors:
  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:


  • Commit c401493a1819dcd54b15a93f80b6d22e5cd90e3e by vsk:
    [HotColdSplit] Disable splitting for sanitized functions

    • edit: test/Transforms/HotColdSplit/X86/do-not-split.ll
    • edit: lib/Transforms/IPO/HotColdSplitting.cpp
  • Commit 80f0b6e0dbaa2b9c9729e8c1e6e931d936c35762 by jmolenda:
    Add a warning to GDBRemoteRegisterContext (if packet logging enabled) if

    • edit: source/Plugins/Process/gdb-remote/GDBRemoteRegisterContext.cpp
  • Commit 229e6cb474cca430105a627377700fafed5920e2 by jmolenda:
    Tiny fix spotted by static analyzer; GetPath() returns a std::string, we

    • edit: source/Target/Platform.cpp
  • Commit 07f1adade66169958803c36272f53bfc39a0f3ae by jmolenda:
    Add some unconditional logging on the failure points when attaching to a

    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachProcess.h
    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachProcess.mm
    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachTask.mm
  • Commit 15129201073baac05b46929d963a5053360f9150 by jmolenda:
    Clean up an unused variable warning when building this for mac native.

    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachProcess.mm
  • Commit 552d5b42f13be3bf487ce917d7a93fcae88faa6f by jmolenda:
    Ah, misunderstood Jonas' feedback - fix this so we'll do the right thing

    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachProcess.mm
  • Commit e63d3818c9a7009642ae4bcfcb8839a902ccf3fa by jmolenda:
    One more fix while I'm looking at this - remove the unused IsSBProcess

    • edit: tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/MachProcess.mm
  • Commit 988d5f89126bd79d705584fb8ae19a086d230c07 by millenomi:
    Implement DateIntervalFormatter.

    • edit: CoreFoundation/Base.subproj/CFRuntime_Internal.h
    • edit: CoreFoundation/Base.subproj/CFRuntime.c
    • edit: Foundation/DateIntervalFormatter.swift
    • edit: TestFoundation/main.swift
    • add: CoreFoundation/Locale.subproj/CFDateIntervalFormatter.h
    • add: CoreFoundation/Locale.subproj/CFDateIntervalFormatter.c
    • edit: CoreFoundation/Base.subproj/ForSwiftFoundationOnly.h
    • edit: Foundation.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
    • add: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit 0eed327211feaa131a28590b5a28a286130a15e8 by millenomi:
    Add the new files to the CMakeLists.txts.

    • edit: CoreFoundation/CMakeLists.txt
    • edit: CMakeLists.txt
  • Commit ff070d603405ace93adbb13f6362707141f5021d by millenomi:
    Fix boundary styles outside of Darwin.

    • edit: CoreFoundation/Locale.subproj/CFDateIntervalFormatter.c
    • edit: CoreFoundation/Locale.subproj/CFDateIntervalFormatter.h
    • edit: Foundation/DateIntervalFormatter.swift
    • edit: CoreFoundation/CMakeLists.txt
  • Commit 32cfcf1d8ed62e0877b7247d70558ba66f1f81cf by millenomi:
    Guard the tests as well.

    • edit: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit 77ab9a42f685e84cceb3305e21550e85180f9261 by gwynne:
    Handle possible errors from confstr() correctly in

    • edit: Foundation/NSPathUtilities.swift
  • Commit b342e5f05c3288ee50758f7792523fb55f339bd2 by millenomi:
    Make tests fuzzier so they work on both Darwin and Linux ICUs.

    • edit: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit 5f2980f59772cdc8570884af31746e809df4ad6f by compnerd:
    CoreFoundation: fix CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent on Windows

    • edit: CoreFoundation/NumberDate.subproj/CFDate.c
  • Commit be2e242942c3bee9fc281bafd6e0c9b20addae7b by compnerd:
    Foundation: simplify -[NSDate init] on windows

    • edit: Foundation/NSDate.swift
  • Commit 0c69d1a049e50e9e198bbe3f104fa63464b2e8f2 by millenomi:
    Better assertion failure messages in the fuzzy matching.

    • edit: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit e395327f358fa8a5c709f674a04caf702705d3a9 by millenomi:
    Even more info.

    • edit: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit 16000803194dd1575ad17ac9cebb53be83a0b8c4 by millenomi:
    Actually fix all the missed copy-paste changes after fuzzification.

    • edit: TestFoundation/TestDateIntervalFormatter.swift
  • Commit 23fdccc373c04e40367e9516eae0cae7695987d2 by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Start getTypeChecked() -> TypeDeserializer

    • edit: include/swift/Serialization/ModuleFile.h
    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit cdadaad9b5e569069fb506ab8e53a114bcd31dad by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Push caching of deserialized types out of helper class

    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit 0297d8fc3d0882e33fb01fc0385e02340b546fb2 by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Move one type's deserialization into a method

    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit da9fa9eb64d618d15952ebd0464d63b6cc2a9097 by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Move the rest of the type layouts into TypeDeserializer

    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit fff69c9df649ae169f450643f8326d8773af3a60 by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Unify ExistentialMetatype and Metatype deserialization

    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit 4db46b07b6aac5c5c210d34a3afda22e6eeb83dc by jordan_rose:
    [Serialization] Make the input/output of a helper lambda clearer

    • edit: lib/Serialization/Deserialization.cpp
  • Commit 962f68ddade6322891e3d0ca67a5bf8dc7dd7fbd by github:
    Update WindowsBuild.md

    • edit: docs/WindowsBuild.md
  • Commit e296b6bd5c9b1a7f356182335b4040ddf56d5927 by mishal_shah:
    Add cmake-c-launcher and cmake-cxx-launcher flag to build-script

    • edit: utils/build_swift/driver_arguments.py
    • edit: utils/build_swift/tests/expected_options.py
    • edit: utils/swift_build_support/swift_build_support/cmake.py
    • edit: utils/build-script
    • edit: utils/swift_build_support/tests/test_cmake.py