swift-ci broken

The swift-ci tests have been regularly failing for the past several days. That makes it impossible to make progress for anyone who is trying to gate their own changes on pull request testing or even rely on local testing on trunk.

I thunk swift-ci would work if everyone followed some minimal standards for pre-commit testing:

- To commit anything nontrivial, use a pull request with @swift-ci Please smoke test and merge

- If your change is source breaking or may require updates in other repositories, run "utils/build-toolchain local.swift” on linux and darwin. All tests should pass and it should generate a tarball. Then use a pull request and merge all affected repositories at once.

- Watch the bots after you merge. Revert your change if anything breaks.


Current swift-ci incremental status:




TestFoundation/TestNSString.swift:1094:56: error: incorrect argument label in call (have 'with:isEquivalent:', expected 'with:by:')
   let expectHasPrefix = lhsNFDGraphemeClusters.starts(
TestFoundation/TestNSString.swift:1097:54: error: incorrect argument label in call (have 'with:isEquivalent:', expected 'with:by:')


/Users/buildnode/jenkins/workspace/oss-swift-incremental-RA-osx/swift/stdlib/private/StdlibUnittestFoundationExtras/StdlibUnittestFoundationExtras.swift:71:19: error: missing argument label 'invoking:' in call