Swift, C++ Interop Weekly Status Update (Jan 31st, 2022)

Over the past few weeks, the open source community has started to ramp up development of C++ Interop. As more people work on interop, there are more moving parts, and more room for mis-communication. To combat this, I am going to start sending out weekly status updates. These will be fairly fine-grained summaries of the work that has happened over the last week. Here is the first one:

Forward Interop
Diagnostics :package: Landed @nuriamari enabled diagnostics for un-importable APIs ('cannot find X' -> 'cannot use X because it cannot be imported').
Ownership bridging :rocket: Started @nuriamari started working on importing subscripts with read accessors. This will improve performance.
Generics :hammer_and_wrench: In Progress @zoecarver posted a pitch for bridging templates.
Stability imporvements :hammer_and_wrench: In Progress @zoecarver fixed various crashes and usability issues.
Ergonomics :hammer_and_wrench: In Progress @bro4all worked on importing C++ getters/setters as computed properties.
Reverse Interop
Importing Swift modules to C++ :package: Landed @Alex_L landed support for generating namespaces from Swift modules.
Importing Swift functions to C++ :rocket: Started @Alex_L explored options for importing Swift funtions to C++.
Unified Header :hammer_and_wrench: In Progess @Alex_L designed unified headers, allowing C, Objective-C, C++, and Objective-C++ to compose.