Swift bugs related to SR-88

Hi all,

Per Dmitri Gribenko's request, I'd like to bring to the list's attention two bugs that are related to/blocking SR-88 (mirror API migration):

- SR-392 (https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-392\): casting an object to the type ErrorType (or assigning a variable of type ErrorType) causes a program to crash
- SR-426 (https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-426\): apparent memory leak caused by downcast to Any.Type on an associated value enum or tuple containing a class

I know Joe is aware of 392 via Twitter, and Michael Gottesman triaged 426 last night by adding labels. I'll leave it up to the list to decide whether action should be taken on these tickets, and if so what the timeframe should be. If there are any questions about either issue, please let me know.