Swift Bugs have migrated to GitHub Issues!

Happy to announce Swift Bugs have migrated to GitHub Issues!

In this first phase, all of the issues are "cloned" into the apple/swift repository. Next, we are working on transferring GitHub Issues to corresponding GitHub repositories. More detail about the migration process.

Thank you to everyone who helped!


Goodness me, that GitHub UI is a breath of fresh air compared to the Jira one. It’s vastly easier for me to find other ways I can be involved. Thank you!


Just being able to read a bug report without logging in is so good :sob:


Well, to a separate account and system that is :smirk:

It looks like some issues were imported and then immediately closed. Does that mean they were closed on Jira and the reason wasn't imported, or did something happen during the import process. For example, [SR-16123] Non-escaping closure capturing `inout` wrongly assessed as escaping => error · Issue #58382 · apple/swift · GitHub

That issue was marked resolved on JIRA before the migration, although in that specific case it looks like it may have been a mistake and I asked the originator if it should be reopened.

They are much easier to search now. :tada:

I quickly discovered some I had forgotten about that can be closed now. The timeline slated the migration to be complete and be fully usable by yesterday, but the button to close an issue is still missing. Was the migration delayed and ongoing, or is there a permissions problem?

This is an example: https://github.com/apple/swift/issues/57611. I appear to have the option to comment, but not to close it.

Did you provide your username mapping, as requested in the previous announcement?

Issues and pull requests should be closable by either the original author, or anyone with write access to the repository.

  • Could your issue be closed as a duplicate of apple/swift#58058?
  • It should probably also be labelled as a Foundation bug, so that it can be moved to the swift-corelibs-foundation repository.

Of course not. Didn’t seem worth my time with no one paying me to do it. :wink:

Makes sense. Since the original author is now a bot, I will just leave comments for whomever comes across it next with write access.

(Actually, I am kind of glad they did not get merged with my GitHub user and suddenly overwhelm all my to‐do filters.)

When you open a link to a bugs.swift.org issue, such as https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-15873, you are now greeted with a login screen:

Is this intentional? There's a generic link to the GitHub repo, but not to the concrete issue on GitHub (which is [SR-15873] Documentation for withUnsafeCurrentTask refers to non-existent property UnsafeCurrentTask.task · Issue #58138 · apple/swift · GitHub in this case).

I understand that the plan is to transfer the issues on GitHub to the repositories they "belong" to, but the current user experience is really bad, considering there are now thousands of broken links on the web.

@mishal_shah Do you have a timeframe for the planned redirect from bugs.swift.org URLs to GitHub?

In the future, we plan to redirect bugs.swift.org URLs to the corresponding GitHub Issues.



Redirect for bugs.swift.org will be available in next few weeks.

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in the mean time the current bugs.swift.org link in the title could point to a github search which usually should resolve to only one result https://github.com/search?q=org%3Aapple+SR-15873&type=issues

The last phase is now completed:

  • GitHub Issues transferred to corresponding repositories.
  • bugs.swift.org URLs will now redirect to GitHub issues.

That's fantastic. Thank you @mishal_shah!

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