Swift and the games

Hello, I'm starting to learn Swift. I have a question. I'd like to make games for iPad, iPhone and Mac. However, I am fresh at programming. that's why I'm writing on this forum. Could you please tell me if I can use 3d software like Blender? It is a 3D graphics program. It is free. I also have a question. Can Unity be used to design games?

Now a different question. Can I combine Swift with HTML, CSS, JS?

Each of your sub-questions is an entire forum unto itself! :scream_cat:

To narrow things down, let's hear what brought you onto a Swift forum in particular.

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I created a profile on this forum because I'm an Apple fan. I just have everything from Apple. From iPhone to iPad and Mac. I would like to learn coding in Swift because I want to create games on the AppStore. If you can, please write me to my above questions

You are probably going to need to get more specifics on the tools you want to use from their user forums. These specific questions are probably unsuitable for this forums. I do know that there are folks building games for Apple platforms using Unity3D using Swift. Blender is a tool that runs on a Mac that folks use to support game development for all the platforms.

Swift can write HTML, CSS files, Javascript files. There are open-source bridges of various sorts to Javascript, as well as the Swift Web Assembly effort.

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