Swift and OpenMP?

will the swift compiler at some point in the future have support for OpenMp?

I think it's already supported so long as libomp is present?

As far as I can tell only Apple's distribution of Clang doesn't include it, but on Mac you can workaround this by installing it via Homebrew.

thank you for your response. how would this work though? as I understand it, the openmp runtime is not enough because the calls to the runtime are generated by the compiler front end. clang and gcc support this but I do not think swiftc frontend does? I am trying to compile swift code

Sorry I think I misunderstood your question previously: I thought you already had C++ code that uses OpenMP and were trying to use the C++ code in Swift.

You're correct that Swift does not support OpenMP. I doubt it will be supported in the future, because I think Swift is opinionated towards the message-passing model via actors and structured concurrency, instead of the memory-sharing model used by OpenMP. Someone from the core team might be able to provide a more definitive answer.