Swift 5.7 released!

Swift 5.7 is now officially released!

Swift 5.7 includes major additions to the language and standard library, enhancements to the compiler for a better developer experience, improvements to tools in the Swift ecosystem including SourceKit-LSP and the Swift Package Manager, refined Windows support, and more.

Swift 5.7 is the culmination of countless contributions from members across the Swift community, including all of the active Swift Forum discussions, bug reports, pull requests, educational content, and much more. Thank you to the entire Swift community for your help on Swift 5.7! :partying_face:


Congratulations to all involved! :tada:


Congrats and good job! Great release!

Congratulations! Thanks for your great job!

Has TSPL already covered all Swift5.7 features? I can't find many of them.

For example,

  • Lifted long-standing language limitations to make generic programming more seamless
  • Actor isolation in distributed environments

Or is this just Document History has not updated yet?

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Should "SE-0363: Unicode for String Processing" be added to the appendix? The proposal is marked as implemented, but apple/swift-experimental-string-processing#435 hasn't been merged yet, so some of the proposed APIs are missing.


Yes it should, thank you! Fixed here: Add SE-0363 to the Swift 5.7 evolution appendix. by hborla · Pull Request #138 · apple/swift-org-website · GitHub


AFAIK the SE-0363 API are all present (some were eventually given slightly different names in evolution, e.g. Update to match Unicode proposal by hamishknight · Pull Request #540 · apple/swift-experimental-string-processing · GitHub).

If you search the proposal for // MARK: Unicode properties, there's a generalCategory method (which is implemented), but other methods from binaryProperty through titlecaseMapping are missing from the implementation.


Small typo in blog post: "Comannd Plugins"

amazing community effort. Can we make Swift hard real-time? Please for trusted bare bone hardware free of any contamination of even our beloved closed source iOS? I need trust with God-Speed! Will you help me to make this world a better place with Swift. First thing we need is @realtime. Hard real-time!

Another great step! Congratulations to all contributors!

@hborla @Philippe_Hausler Swift Async Algorhtms is broken for me under Xcode 14 (14A309), but was working perfectly in Xcode 14 Beta 6 (14A5294g).

Regression bug?

I raised an issue in Swift Async Algorithm Git repo

This is because Xcode 14 has a macOS 12 SDK, which does not have the Swift 5.7 Instant and Duration types or protocols, because those are introduced in macOS 13.

Holly gave a good summary of the issue in the context of primary associated types here. If you target iOS or watchOS (which have new SDKs with Swift 5.7 in Xcode 14), you will not have this issue. For development targeting macOS using Swift 5.7 features, you should use Xcode betas until a release with the macOS 13 SDK is available.

(The project should also be fixed, of course =)