Swift 5.2

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This is Arad here. I have been taking the App development with Swift course lately, and I am almost done. The course is very nice as I am already thinking about developing my first app. However, I have noticed that the swift programming language comes in different versions, and as the App Development with Swift book was published awhile ago, I am wondering what are the differences between Swift 5.2 and other versions. In addition, I would like to know how can I always keep up with the latest version of the language.

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Arad Radfar

P.S. If I ever face any difficulties in developing an app, can I use the help of others here?

@aradradfar you can track the changes in the swift language using the swift evolution
if you want to know the differences between the different version use this site whatsnewinswift

The Swift Programming Language's revision history provides a summarised overview of what has changed for each new Swift version. However, it doesn't include all new language features. Swift Evolution and the forums in general are probably the best for keeping yourself up with new things.

There is also pull requests on GitHub that you can follow, but it is more segmented, and less explained.

Thank you for the reply. I would defiantly check the evolution forum.

Thank you!

Here is another one: Swift Weekly Brief

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Here is a more detailed changelog. Can't believe I just found it today.

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