Swift 5.2 Nightly Development Snapshots!

Swift 5.2 nightly development snapshots now available on https://swift.org/download/#snapshots.


Are there any limitations in using these toolchains with certain Apple APIs in Xcode 11.3? I get an error when trying to use NotificationCenter.Publisher and I'm not sure where to report it. Perhaps it's an issue with the importing of a module? Or is there something breaking that prevent using until Apple's libraries are updated for 5.2?

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I should mention that there are nightly snapshots of Swift 5.2 for Windows available on Azure as well!

Note that the partially succeeded state is expected as there are a failing tests in Foundation still.


There are also snapshots for Aarch64 / Arm64 Linux Ubuntu 18.04 / 16.04 are available here - https://github.com/futurejones/swift-arm64/releases/tag/v5.2-dev-snapshot
I am planning on releasing weekly updates.

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