Swift 5.2.1 on Fedora - Where We're At and a Request For Help

Clang brings in some additional programs to link successfully; I tried removing it but running swiftc test.swift results in linker errors. I tried only including the gold linker but that didn't work; I may give it another go to see if there's a smaller subset of Requires but haven't had the time just yet. The other files, if I recall, were run-time requirements mentioned somewhere on either swift.org or the GitHub page.

it's odd that swift requires clang from system workaround, but it also carries its clang7.

I've also noticed that 5.2 no longer necessary to create symlinks (llvm, lldb, ...) from the llvm-project subdirs

Oh, cool; had not noticed that. I’ll update the spec file.

putting the entire build tree in /usr/libexec/swift

it's looks cool! I'll try to do it that way. some extra cleaning might be necessary

FYI I removed the additional “usr” directory, so in the package it looks like /usr/libexec/swift/bin, /usr/libexec/swift/lib, etc.

Yes, i understand. I checked - the project is build and working!

I ran another test build and figured out that clang does not need to be a requirement. The two packages that are required to successfully build a Swift executable are "binutils-gold" (the Gold linker), and, funny enough, gcc. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the tip on the symlinks; I was able to remove those as well!

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I don't use pyhon3 and the project is built without any other patches (only building ninja&cmake is disabled)

It takes a long list of dependencies for build. On runtime - a little less. It's just amazing that a package needs two clangs.