Swift 4 Networking

Is there any book out there that is solely for networking written in swift 4?

What kind of networking? For HTTP networking, I'd suggest reviewing Apple's URL Loading System documentation, which is one of the better long form bits of documentation they have that isn't their Swift docs.

For raw networking, and if you're on Apple platforms, check out Networking.framework, though the docs are incomplete if you view the Swift versions, so check the Obj-C version. There's a whole sample app that isn't visible in the Swift docs, I guess because it's written in C(!).

A book like "Networking in Go" that details full networking in Swift 4

Swift's standard library doesn't ship with much in the way of networking API. Foundation provides some high level things like URLSession. And CoreFoundation provides some lower-level networking things (but a few of those things won't work outside of Darwin.)

It's looking like the core of Swift networking going forward is going to be built around NIO, but its so new that I doubt anyone has published (maybe they're writing one though!) a book on it.

But short of those, you're pretty much stuck with "Networking in C".

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