Swift(4.2) does not support the SDK 'MacOSX10.13.sdk'

Hello. Subj.
I want to try Swift 4.2 from terminal(SPM). Downloaded and installed Xcode 10 beta. Downloaded and installed snapshot Swift 4.2 .pkg. And write $swift in terminal. And answer is next line:
Swift does not support the SDK 'MacOSX10.13.sdk'
My OS is 10.13.6. What I do wrong?

By default, using swift or xcrun swift on the command line will use whichever version of Xcode is set to run command-line tools. Make sure the Xcode 10 beta is selected in the "Locations" tab in Xcode's preferences. (You can also use the xcode-select command-line utility to control this, or set the DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable to a particular Xcode's path to change it temporarily.)

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Mind filing a bug to improve the error message? We can probably distinguish whether the developer passed -sdk explicitly or whether they got it from xcrun.

Thanks, it was very simple fix. Well XC10 looks fast! And finally playground work fast. Interesting and good.