Supporting swift trough contribution


I've been thinking a lot about contributing to swift. What would be the best way/sources to get the required knowledge to work on the project?

A lot of this depends on your learning style. Some people are more than happy to sit down with a book and learn, but personally, I believe the best way is to actually checkout out the project and start tinkering around. Books are great for learning some of the theory behind compilers, but from my experience, they tend to only cover things like parsing and semantic analysis in any great depth, while skimping on other parts.

I'll link you to a post my good friend @Alejandro made when someone asked a similar topic. He does an excellent job summarizing the main parts of the project.

One good place to look for ideas on beginning to tinker with the compiler would be the starter bug label on JIRA.


Thanks, I‘ll have a look at it. (And sorry for creating a duplicate post, havn‘t seen the other one.)

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