Substring syntax is getting ridiculous!

Oh my bad. I just knew the thread existed. I wasn’t aware it already had an implentaion! I’m looking forward to that review.

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If I respond in that way to users, things will get ugly.
When bad syntax is making SWIFT user angry to the point to register to this forum and start discussion - it should be a red light!
So I do not know or care what was discussed - I wanted to help by pointing the problem out. It was bad, it was released and there is a response... that is life

Pointing out problems without knowing or caring what was discussed is not helping.

I understand that you don't like the current syntax. You are welcome to talk about it here and propose improvements. You will have an easier job of it, and make a more convincing argument, if you at least try to catch up on previous discussion; but of course you are free to make things worse for yourself.

What you are not free to do is to come in raging hot and start calling all the previous discussion "lame". If you want to participate in Swift, you have a responsibility to follow the code of conduct.

I'm going to shut this thread down. You can start over and try to make a better argument.

Also, the name of the language is "Swift"; it's not an acronym.