Static member function parameter inference fail from array literal (ExpressibleByArrayLiteral) to Set<X>?

Xcode Version 13.0 beta (13A5154h)

let now =
let range = now..<Date(timeInterval: 25 * 60, since: now)

// why this doesn't work?
range.formatted(.components(style: .abbreviated, fields: [.minute]))
//                                                       ^^^^^^^^^ <==== cannot infer this is a Set?
// Compile errors:
// Cannot convert value of type '[Any]' to expected argument type 'Set<Date.ComponentsFormatStyle.Field>?'
// Reference to member 'minute' cannot be resolved without a contextual type

range.formatted(.components(style: .abbreviated, fields: .init([.minute])))
//                                                       ^^^^^^^^^ add .init() works

// inference works here
range.formatted(Date.ComponentsFormatStyle(style: .abbreviated, fields: [.minute]))
//                                                                      ^^^^^^^^^ this here works

So in the static member func components(...), it's not able to convert array literal into a Set. But it works fine in Date.ComponentsFormatStyle(...).


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