SSWG Annual Update - October 31, 2019

@Tanner_Nelson3 from the Swift Server Work Group has authored on annual update on the SSWG on the blog:

The blog post discusses progress the SSWG has made over the last year, and focus areas for 2020.

Please use this post for any questions!

I am very excited about how much the @server-work-group has accomplished with the community this year on Swift on Server!


Hi Tanner-

This is a great list! Thank you and the other folks for working so hard on all this! I wanted to call out that Swift is available on Red Hat 8/CentOS 8/Fedora distros as a package via dnf install swift-lang. I do the packaging and try to keep up with each official release, so 5.1.1 is the most recent version that is available.

I would be happy to help expanding Swift's reach with Linux and contribute whatever I can.




A fully supported, up-to-date Debian/Ubuntu package for swift and swiftpm would be nice.

Just as a note since all of the other linked projects have links to the relevant GitHub repositories: the C driver-based MongoDB driver mentioned is MongoSwift.
It would be nice if the blog post could be edited to reflect this, since I think the repo link is probably a lot more valuable to people than a link to the C driver documentation.


This my real account: @tanner0101.

Awesome. If you have any ideas on how to improve Swift availability on a given distro create a post in Knowing what needs to be done and what the SSWG / Swift team can do would help a lot.

You're right @kmahar. I've requested those changes. Sorry about that.

No worries - thank you @tanner0101!

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