SPM: Sourcing from a raw tag

I recently tagged Alamofire 5.0.0.beta.1. SPM doesn't seem to be able to handle versions like that. Is there anyway to source a raw tag? There's nothing in the Usage documentation regarding such a feature. Attempting to use a Requirement of .revisionItem doesn't seem to work either. There does seem to be something called prereleaseIdentifiers, but there's not documentation about it.

I recently had a similar failure. I resorted to using .revision(revisionHashString) instead.

SPM expects SemVer style tags. That means the SPM style name of this version would be "5.0.0-beta.1".

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Ah. We used to use that style, but I thought the .beta.1 style was more supported. I guess I'll create a secondary tag and do future betas with the -.