SPM: Library dependency bug?

I have a system wrapper module/package for openSSL called COpenSsl.

I have another package (called SecureSockets) that uses COpenSsl. This works fine.

To create a framework, I then added a xcode project to SecureSockets and build the framework. This also works fine.

Then I created an App (macOS) and imported the SecureSockets.framework. (Included the headers in a bridge file, updated the search paths)
However I cannot use the SecureSockets module, whenever I try that I get an error message saying that COpenSsl is missing.
The App does not need COpenSsl, other than through the wrapper/framework in SecureSockets.

To work around this I created an empty library project called COpenSsl and included that framework in the App as well.

This satisfies the compiler and I now have a working App.

Is it a bug that COpenSsl is needed in the App? or am I doing something wrong?


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