SPM: Generate dependency frameworks ala Carthage?

Hey all,

I’m fairly new to the SPM and just started using it in an existing project to more seamlessly produce a command line executable. The project also uses Carthage, though the frameworks it produces are used exclusively in Xcode.

I’m struggling to grasp how others are integrating the SPM into their projects. The xcodeproj SPM generates is hectic, and for a number of reasons I’m assuming people aren’t just now using it as their primary project?

Ideally I’d like for SPM to generate frameworks for my dependencies just like Carthage does. I’d then integrate them manually in my existing project like I do currently with Carthage. Is this possible?


Right now SPM is largely useless for anything high level on Apple platforms, if only because you can’t depend on anything aside from Foundation at the moment. To me it’s not worth trying until it’s officially supported through Xcode or whatever. Until then I’ll keep using tools that already work.


For what it’s worth, there are tools to manipulate xcodeproj files, for instance:

Until SwiftPM and/or XCode get their s…tuff together, a viable route might be to script the xcodeproj generate by SwiftPM into shape.

@reitzig Yeah, I guess that’s an option. Probably a fair amount of effort to implement and maintain though. Any idea if it’s possible to take the .swiftmodule files in the build folder and wrap them in a framework?

No clue, sorry. I’d be interested in the answer as well!