SourceKit-LSP file status UX

Sounds good, should be a bit easier with the other BuildSystem fallback changes.

Hmm that's true, then we can have the toolchain server send over individual file status updates?

I think so, which is why I was asking.

Status update for this work:

  • BuildSystem API has been swapped over to deliver build settings asynchronously. By default we wait for 3 seconds and then fallback to the FallbuildBuildSystem's settings if present. While fallback build settings are being used, we withhold diagnostics.
  • sourcekitd change has been submitted to help differentiate between code-complete vs. non code-complete AST operations.

Next up:

  • Update our LanguageServerProtocol module for the file status reporting notification
  • Update the BuildSystemDelegate API to allow the build system to report status, then we need to forward it over to the ToolchainLanguageServers. While we could report build system status at the moment, compiler (clangd/sourcekitd) status needs a bit more time.
  • Update the VSCode extension to support the file status.