Some questions about Swift

When can we install Swift on Windows via exe?
When do we do parallel programming?
When does swift be able to unify the backend?
When can we use Swift to do IoT development?

Today. Check out Dispatch

The rest of the questions I either don't understand, or don't know.

Thanks~ :smile:

You can do IoT now. Swift runs on the Raspberry PI.

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Not sure what you mean by "unify the backend?"

Widely used on servers.

Swift on Server has an active and connected community that works hard to address any concerns as they arise.

In terms of "widely used on servers" - I think it's a two piece critical mass:

  1. When most of the pain points are addressed w/ Swift on Server
  2. When developers think most pain points are addressed w/ Swift on Server

One of the things that I've seen in quite a few areas of software engineering, is that developers tend to go where they think the others are going.

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I think that's more a matter of will than lack of technical support. Based on what's available, I think you can write servers in Swift today, in fact, there are servers that have been written in Swift and are running today, at least on Darwin and Linux. If you are looking at this from a Windows point of view, you may be right, I don't delve into the Windows much anymore since I retired.

Also depends on what you define a "server" to be. I am writing distributed grid computing applications using distributed Postgres databases, using combination of Swift, C, C++, and Fortran, and the Swift code powers many of the core parts of the grid.

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I don't see why you would want an exe installer for Windows. You can use the MSI installer if you like from: which is better as it allows for distribution using Microsoft's enterprise deployment as well as simple installation locally (with a UI or entirely scripted). It scales pretty well to just use the MSI installer.


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