So this issue made it into Xcode 13 Release: "Xcode Playgrounds don’t support Swift Concurrency language constructs. (79408099)"

I realize this is an Xcode/ question, but I wonder if anyone might have insight into why Swift concurrency couldn't be supported in playgrounds?

Mostly just curious. Is this likely to get resolved soon or do you think playgrounds are inherently problematic to deal with from a concurrency standpoint?

What operating system are you on? I believe you need to be running macOS 12/Monterrey for concurrency to work in the latest Xcode.

Windows 10 and iPadOS 15, for the purposes of this thread. I have it working on Windows 10 using the experimental concurrency compiler flag (not in a playground or REPL tho) but Playgrounds app on iPad is still on Swift 5.3.

I do also have a Mac on 11.6 with Xcode 13 but haven't tried concurrency there yet. If it requires macOS 12 then it will be awhile before I can try it because our corp Macs don't get OS updates very quickly.

Playgrounds 4 for iPad hasn’t shipped yet (not even a beta). That will bring concurrency support.

With Xcode 13 on Big Sur you can run in the iOS simulator for concurrency, unless you need macOS support.

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