Snap swift for simple cross-distro Linux deployment and updates


I work at Canonical as part of the engineering team working on Ubuntu
and Snapcraft [1].

We've created snaps, a platform that enables ISVs to directly control
delivery of software updates to users and make their software
available to a considerably wider Linux audience via the snap store.
We'd be very interested in hearing your experiences of distributing
software for Linux and the challenges you've encountered.

Snaps have a number of useful characteristics such as being simple to
create, support multiple Linux distributions [2], enable very simple
installation instructions and leverage container primitives to isolate
the applications. There are also various hooks and services [3]
available to automate the build and publish pipeline.

Who on the Swift team would be willing to have a conversation with
me to discuss snaps and if they can help with the distribution of Swift
to Linux users?

[2] Installing snapd | Snapcraft documentation


Regards, Martin.

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I’ve created a snap based on the Docker image.

I’ve filed a claim for swift in the Snap Store (the existing snap is unmaintained), but of course I’d like to see it adopted by Apple (or Canonical).