SmokeFramework dropping support for Swift 5.1 and Ubuntu 16.04

Hi all, the SmokeFramework and its related packages - including SmokeAWS, SmokeDynamoDB and SmokeAWSCredentials - will be dropping support for Swift 5.1 and Ubuntu 16.04. These are both in accordance with our support policy here.

Support for Swift 5.1 will be removed from tomorrow and will involve removing CI verification and the version-specific package manifest. This will result in future versions of these packages failing to compile under this compiler version.

Support for Ubuntu 16.04 ended at the start of this month (May 2021) and has involved removing CI verification.

Please reach out to us if there are any concerns about these changes.

The next scheduled support change will be the dropping of support for Swift 5.2 after the 26th of October, 2021.

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