Simple text file I/O with Swift 3 (Quinn "The Eskimo!")

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Hi Quinn,

The link you referenced above <> is all about Swift 2.2. I had already found that one on StackOverflow and gave it a try, which caused me to generate the string of queries, when it all fell apart under Swift 3.


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The trick here is to replace the above line with:

    print(String(validatingUTF8: buf))

`fgets` sets up `buf` to hold a C string, so you have to convert it to
a Swift string. How do you do this depends on the encoding of the
bytes. If you expect the C string to be UTF-8, then
`String(validatingUTF8:)` is the way to go.

IMPORTANT: This conversion can fail, which is why the above will print
a bunch of optional strings, and you will have to decide what to your
program should do when it does.

                   * * *

btw This question came up recently. See the thread for other
suggestions about how to handle it.


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