Simple Question re Swift Calculator Code

I just typed the following into a Swift switch statement:

var powerResult: Int = (7 ^ 9)

In the results panel, I get 14, which is not what I intended. What mistake am I making here?

EDIT: I'm trying to get 7 to the 9th power.

The ^ caret operator on Int is for bitwise XOR, not exponentiation. Swift doesn't have a built-in standard library operator or method for this — which frankly seems like a bit of an oversight — so you have to use the C function pow(_: Double, _: Double) (you need to import Foundation to access this, which will transitively import Darwin or Glibc.)

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Thank you, I typed the following (into Swift Playgrounds) and it seems t work properly finally:

var powerResult = pow(Double(num1), Double(num2))

Thank you.