Should I checkout corresponding dependencies to the correct branch when building Swift?

I'm still new to the Swift community and is trying to Swift from a stable version. I have currently checked out the swift-5.0-branch but I'm not sure if I should manually check the other dependencies like swift-llvm into this branch as well for the building.


Welcome, Naville! Your instinct is correct: the various repositories do have to be in sync to get a successful build. The update-checkout tool in the utils directory is designed to help with this:

% utils/update-checkout --scheme swift-5.0-branch

This will make sure that all the repositories are in sync.

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Thanks! In my humble opinion, it would be more appropriate for the checkout script to automatically detect this though

A fair point. A number of us use update-checkout deliberately to update the branches we have checked out (maybe they're development branches), but it would make sense when cloning new repos to infer from the one you're on. Does that sound like a good balance?

One way to accomplish this would be to change "default-branch-scheme": "master" in update-checkout-config.json for each new branch.

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