Setting platforms to iOS 15 and macOS 12 don't work

As the title says, I set the platforms for my swift package to iOS 15 and macOS 12.

platforms: [
    .iOS(.v15),     //error here: 'v15' is unavailable
    .macOS(.v12)    //error here: 'v12' is unavailable

I saw an older post in the betas saying they hadn't been added but is this still true?
I'm using Xcode 13.2.1

Are you using: // swift-tools-version:5.5?

Oh, I'm using version 5.3, how can I update it?

First line in Package.swift:

// swift-tools-version:5.5
// The swift-tools-version declares the minimum version of Swift required to build this package.

import PackageDescription

// ... rest of the file
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