Setting for automatic page updates

Is it possible to have a user setting where one could choose that any update made on a page like Latest is shown immediately instead of messages like 1 new or updated topic. Click to show.

sounds like a feature request. @sam.saffron?

To be precise, I meant something like an automatic timeline update for twitter, but for every page here - not only for the list of topics. That would be really awesome. I find the manual update really tiring. ;)

There is no setting for this, the trouble is that when you click it we can re-organise the list a bit moving stuff visible on the screen to the top. It can be very disorienting if this happens live.

I had a similar problem in a webapp once, for us it was okay to do live updates, but delay them when the user had recently moved his mouse over the area that would be updated, so we didn’t move items that they were about to interact with.

For threads live updates should be fine since they only append to the bottom, right?

From my experience this is already working perfectly. You can even see when a user is writing a reply.