Setting a theme is not working

Setting a theme to "Dark" in user profile settings does nothing.


I can reproduce, I would love to see this fixed!

Interesting. This worked before. I'll investigate.

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It should be fixed now, I updated the settings.


I think the Swift text at the top left of the page header should be white when the theme is set to dark, no? Currently it's some kind of a gray color which looks odd on a dark header.

It’s known issue, we contacted discourse team to see if we can provide two logos.

I have fixed the logo issue in the dark theme now! Please let me know if you still see issues.


The logo seems to be scaled a little to wide. You can notice if you scroll to the top and back down in a thread, switching between just the Swift logo and the logo with "Swift" next to it, it jumps a little.

Yeah, they're two separate images, I need to sort that out.