Server-Side Development

Does anyone use Xcode for server-side development? If so, then is there something useful I can read?

I've developed a few toy projects that were ultimately destined for my Linux server using Xcode.

I just used swift package generate-xcodeproj, worked on it on my Mac, and then deployed to my server.

Those were all small projects, a few files plus a few dependencies, but I wouldn't know why this shouldn't scale to more serious, bigger codebases. Fwiw I didn't have any tests in those projects, so I can't really say how well that works with the generated project.

Anyone successfully develop a Swift project on their Mac using Xcode to build a Docker image, targeting it for a non-native target?

I use Xcode to develop my Kitura apps. I develop on Mac, test on Linux via a Docker image and host on IBM Cloud.

I started out reading the materials on and went from there.

Thank you. This is very useful information.