Send SMS programmatically without MFMessageComposeViewController

Hi, I'm trying to send SMS messages in a Swift application. The idea is that the application sends SMS without user interaction, without MFMessageComposeViewController. Is it possible to do this programmatically?

Hi, you’ve posted a question to the section of the forums about developing the internals of the Swift compiler.

I’ve moved it to the section on using Swift, but since it doesn’t sound like the question is about the Swift language itself, your best bet is probably the Apple Developer forums.


QA1944 Sending SMS Programmatically

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

As an iPhone user, I’m very glad Apple disallows this. I don’t want an app to randomly send messages on my behalf using my phone number.

Twilio is a great service to send messages. It works worldwide and allows you to register a local number to use as the sender number.


If this is a non-iOS application and you genuinely need to send SMSes (e.g. to notify about server failures) you could use a web API to send them.

It is an application for emergency alerts, sending the location of the device to previously selected contacts, but it will not send them randomly, but when the user wants to notify an emergency, without having to act with MFMessageComposeViewController