Semantic Version Tag for SwiftPM

@allevato, would you or one of your team be willing to tag a semantic version release that works with Swift 5.2?

I can use it just fine from the swift-5.2-branch in its current state, but as a branch dependency, consuming packages cannot tag versions of their own.

(In case you decide to adjust the version restrictions of swift-format’s own dependencies while you’re at it, it will need to remain compatible with Tools Support Core 0.1.0 to be usable in the same package graph as SwiftPM.)

Sure, I can tag a release 0.50200.0 later this morning (since this is our first, we'll use the same major/minor scheme as swift-syntax since they're coupled closely together).

This motivated me to take a second look at our TSC usage—the main reason it was there was for the argument parser, but now that we've migrated to swift-argument-parser, the only usage that's left are some minor file system and output stream utilities in the executable's Format command (and some now-unused imports in other files). I think at this point it's best to just migrate back to stdlib/Foundation APIs and remove that dependency completely.

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GitHub just informed me of the 0.50200.0 release. Thanks.

A release tagged 0.50200.0 is now up.

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