Seeking vibrant macOS dev. discussion

I am looking for a spot to discuss macOS development that is as vibrant
and expert as the discussion here, with similar affordances as Swift's
Discourse server.

I know that this is not that spot, but anyone who asks about AppKit
is referred to Apple's developer forums,
which are not fit for purpose. Also, the forums' content, like the
content at Stack Overflow is sparse and frequently

I see Apple's abandoned mailing
. Some kind volunteer
tried to resurrect the Cocoa list on, but the list seems to
have faltered.

What else is there?



the most active place I've found so far is this slack


You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar community in the iOS/macOS world. I've looked around as well, especially while I was learning SwiftUI, there seems to be none.

Apple should scrap developer forums and think of a more involving format. Nobody is contributing anyway. Quinn “The Eskimo!” is probably handling 90% of the questions haha.

I'd clearly love to have a place where you can talk with Apple iOS engineers the same way we talk with Swift language designers here. Probably not going to happen too soon, but one can hope.


It is remarkable and rare that so many of the engineers responsible for the design and implementation of the Swift language, libraries, and runtime volunteer their time here to answer questions at all levels, making the signal-to-noise here so much higher than elsewhere.


It reminds me of Usenet/News in the earlier days - before everyone got on the internet - and that’s a good thing. ( anyone?)


1 year later, that URL no longer works. Has the slack moved, or is it defunct now?

Thanks for reporting this, I'll let the admin know

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Here's a direct link to Slack