Seeking beta testers for unused code detection tool

Hey all,

This is the first public release of my tool for detecting unused Swift code:

I’m looking for a few brave souls with access to large applications to really put Periphery through its paces before I market to a wider audience.
It’s still a little rough around the edges and there will be some inaccuracies, but I’m going with the “release early, release often” mantra. I plan to iterate quickly with feedback from peoples’ experiences.

Just to re-iterate: I’m looking for people with access to large and diverse Swift projects, on the order of 75,000+ lines of code. The only requirement is that they can be built using Xcode 9.2+ (though 9.3 should provide more accurate results).

In exchange for a free license, I ask that any tester is willing to:

  • Use the tool on your project and review each detection result (there could be a LOT!)
  • Report to me any scenarios in which the tool incorrectly flags code as unused
  • Provide honest feedback about your experience using the tool
  • Laugh manically as you tap the delete button ;)

Note: the project doesn’t need to be 100% Swift, however my tool is unable to analyze Objective-C.

If you’re interested, please email me at with the following details:

  • Rough size of the project in number of lines of code (Swift LOC, excluding ObjC)
  • Rough project age
  • Project type: iOS, macOS, Framework etc…
  • Company that owns the project (if that’s OK with you of course, I’m mostly just curious!)

For those of your that are interested but don’t have access to a large enough application, you’re more than welcome to purchase Periphery and give it a try. It’s not perfect yet but it’s already capable of identifying a lot of non-obvious scenarios.

My goal is to make Periphery a quality product that’s an essential part of any professional developer’s toolkit. For that to happen I need to hear people’s feedback, so please feel free to send any thoughts to