Running tests for iOS simulators

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I am trying to debug a CI validation test failure that happened while running tests for Swift(iphonesimulator-x86_64). I know exactly where to look at, but am having difficulties figuring out a way to run the test for test-iphonesimulator-x86_64 using lit. This is my first attempt at running tests for something other than macosx-x86-64, so my actions are mostly intuitive. So far I only get unresolved test results. Here's the sequence:

  • Incrementally build the stdlib for iOS using --skip-build-ios-simulator false
  • Run the tests with ./ -sv build-dir/swift-macosx-x86_64/test-iphonesimulator-x86_64

@anthonylatsis my suggestion would be to start by using the preset from the bot and then using the run line. It may take slightly longer since you are going to be building things that you don't need but at least you will be matching the bot /exactly/ eliminating any potential for error. From reading the build log, the preset is:


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Thanks, I will give it a shot over night. How did you access the build logs though? The details link for Swift Test OS X Platform returns 404. I was able to find the preset in the job config over here.

I did the same thing you did, but I misspoke.

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