RPM builder for Swift 3 (Fedora/RHL)

Hi all-

I forked Corinne Krych’s repository for building RPMs for Swift; hers worked great for the version she has in the swift.spec file, but at some point it stopped working for Swift 3. I made some changes to get it to work and have finally gotten it to build a full RPM of Swift 3.

I have submitted a pull request to her repo at https://github.com/corinnekrych/swift-rpm\. My version is GitHub - tachoknight/swift-rpm: Swift RPM for Fedora; I built it against Fedora 24, up-to-date literally as of today.

Hope this helps folks get Swift going on Fedora/RHL/RPM-based flavors of Linux.

All thanks to Corinne Krych for the original project.