Roadmap for fully creating an iOS app

Hi! I’m not sure if this question is too basic, but I was wondering where to start if I wanted to fully create an iOS app. I've done a few Swift courses and have created smaller programs, but I'm not super confident in my Swift abilities yet.

Beyond that, can anyone give me some advice about how to structure my next steps? A roadmap of sorts? Once you've taken a couple Swift courses and know the basics, where do you go from there in terms of developing your own app?

It's unlikely that I will find a specific course covering the specific kind of app I want to build, so it seems like at this point it's just up to me to start tinkering with Xcode and posting coding questions in forums until I figure things out. Or is there something else I should be doing? Thanks so much in advance!

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100 Days of Swift – Hacking with Swift ?

Watch these videos they should give you a guide

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