RISC-V support

Is there going to be support for 64-bit RISC-V Linux?
More and more these CPUs are being shipped (10 billion so far) and last year Intel embraced RISC-V.

Iā€˜d love to see RiscV support as well, albeit for 32-bit, since I could imagine Swift being a great language for Microcontroller development, I.e. ESP32C3 and friends.

@ColemanCDA has been putting out a cross-compilation toolchain for RISCV64.

last year Intel embraced RISC-V.

Old news, they ended up shutting down some of that.

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I am in the process of setting up a Swift on RISCV project. Initially the focus will be on riscv64.
Here are some details.

The project has been accepted into the RISC-V Developer Boards Program and we should have some riscv64 hardware for a CI build server very soon.
More information coming soon.


I have a riscv64 Linux board that I could test some code on, whenever it becomes available. It has 8GB of RAM.

Awesome job on the patches thus far. Thank you so much for this. Your name is a credit to where you're helping take us